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Fri, 18 Aug 2017


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Decade Referral System

» Posted by admin at Wed, 1 Feb 2017

Referral System Decade Luna Plus

Hi. guys :)

Now we have new system for you, right now you can help us with referral system, how referral system works?

  1. Login website 
  2. See on user panel you will find referral link
  3. Copy your referral link
  4. Share, promote to social media, blog, website or forum (up to you)
  5. Everyone who register and play through your referral link. You will get 5 Premium Point
  6. Premium Points will be automatically sent to your account when your member reach level 135.
  7. So share your link to get more PP 

Tutorial Referral Decade Luna


  • Create good campaign on website
  • Create good banner with direct link to your referral link
  • Create personal blog, write about decade luna plus (guide, tutorial, etc)
  • Take a video, upload on youtube, write a preview and don't forget ask them to play via your link 

Yeah let's start to campaign and earn more Premium Point, Good luck :D

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