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Sun, 20 Aug 2017


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EXP Rate : 150x
DROP Rate : 50x

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Decade Luna Features

Welcome to Decade Luna Plus Online.  Server Online 24/7  Dedicated Server Customer service via Facebook and Forum Awsome events (Hide & Seek, Q&A, Marathon, Fishing, PVP, Puzzle, Design, and more) Active CL (Community Leader) New maps Quick change job Auto event : double exp, gold and drop Cute pets Castle siege Guild tournament PVP Map (Royal Battle) Street Tournament Slot machine (Jackpot 7777) New Dungeon New Costumes ( Akatsuki, Organization XII, Dark Magician, Sword Art Online, Hack, Attack On Titan, Kagamine and more) New rare and legendary weapon and set New Quest (Satam and Bamboo) Balance class Unlimited gold NPC buffer Easy leveling Vote System VIP System and more Play Decade Luna Now


Panduan Donasi Via Alfamart

Hai.. D'lunatic bagi kalian yang donasi melalui alfamart silahkan ikuti langkah berikut ini: 1. Siapkan sejumlah uang untuk donasi 2. Siapkan kartu identitas (KTP atau SIM) 3. Memiliki nomor handphone yang aktif untuk menerima SMS konfirmasi 4. Datang ke Alfamart terdekat di kota Anda. Setelah sampai di Alfamart silahkan tenya ke petugas disana dan bilang saja ingin "kirim uang" 5. Kalian akan di minta untuk mengisi formulir: - Isi formulir data pengirim (Nama Anda, No Indentitas Anda, dan Nomor handphone Anda) - Isi formulir data penerima/Decade (Nama, No Identitas dan No Handphone) Silahkan Add Line jeffry_Francisco / Facebook Untuk mendapatkan data penerima. 6. Nah setelah data sudah terisi silahkan


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Donation guide paypal

Hi.. D'lunatic if you want to donate via Paypal, follow this steps: Please make payment through the payment options are available. And after you finish the transaction via paypal, please send proof of the transaction (screenshot / photo) to [email protected] Email format: Title: Decade Luna Donation ID: Your ID Amount: Donation Amount Email: Your email After your transaction receipt has been received then we will continue with the verification process and if the verification process is completed we'll add the Premium Point on your game ID. If you need help please contact us on Forum or Facebook. Regards IGN


About Us

Decade Luna Plus Private server is Luna Plus Online private server (International), We provide different games with some excellent features that you never get in Luna Plus earlier. Features: - Max Level : 200 - No reborn sytem - Quick Change Job - New Dungeon Kenai - Vending system - 50+ New cool Pet - Send gold and items via mail - Castle Siege & Guidl Tournament - New NPC Buffer for low level - Royal Battle Pvp Map - Mini games Jackpot "7777" - Fishing and Farming - New Weapon, Armor, etc - New Mob , New map  - New Quest - Event every day (Daily, weekly, monthly) - Good service from staff - etc More detail join our Community  Facebook |


Decade Luna Plus Skills Feedback

Dear D'lunatic, please help us to make this game better than yesterday. we need your feedback about skills. just fill all form below. Thanks you. Loading...



1. Do not impersonate server Administrators or Game Masters. Doing so may result in a TEMPORARY or PERMANENT exclusion from the game service. 2. Do not ask server Administrators or Game Masters for items or events. Excessive bothering may result in TEMPORARY exclusion from the game service. 3. Do not CHEAT, HACK or abuse game weaknesses  Doing any of the following may result in a PERMANENT exclusiom from the game service. 4. Do not spam or advertise other servers. Doing so may result in a PERMANENTexclusion from the game service. 5. Respect server Administrators, Game Masters and other players, also refrain from insulting them. Any form of insulting others or racist