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Tue, 4 Aug 2015


Game Server :
EXP Rate : 150x
DROP Rate : 50x

18 Player Online
Most Online was 181

Top 3 Player

Level 171 as Fighter
Level 170 as Mage
Level 170 as Mage

Top 5 Guild

1[8] BlackBullet
Leader : BlackBullet
2[8] JAVA
Leader : PresidentJAVA
3[8] DestiNation
Leader : Vapers
4[6] 3PIC
Leader : 3PIC
5[5] Bamboo
Leader : QueenOfBlueland

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How To Get Robe Swift Set

Posted at Sat, 25 Jul 2015 by admin

Hi.. guys this is Decade luna plus online guide how to get swift set for mages class. Swift set is needed by the mage class because it has the status to speed up the cast magic. This sets obtained from monsters as follows:  Monster Location Drop Giant The Way to The Howling Ravine Robe of the Swift Orc Shaman Red Orc Outpost Gloves of the Swift Blood Golem Haunted Minehoes of the Swift Red Feather Harpy The Way to the Howling Ravine Shoes of the Swift Rusty Trent Ghost Tree Swamp Location Hat ...


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