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[Guide] Majin Physical Type Decade Luna Plus

Posted by ritxaku at 2014-09-18 15:58:10

Hello D’lunatic, did you know about Majin or demon?? Majin is a new race in luna plus online,luna plus has many different from luna classic, the most interesting in luna plus online is they have 3 race, the first one is Human, the second is Elf, and the third is Majin, less people using majin because they don’t know how to build them, if you want to make a majin you need to leveled up your character to lvl 50 first. Majin in luna plus online has 2 build, the first is using physical attack and the second is using magic, and in luna plus online, they has their own weapon and their own equipment, their weapon is Pinsir, its like a two knife (like an assassin). Today We will share about the Majin Physical Build in Decade Luna Plus, this is it : In Decade Luna You can build your Majin 3 different ways :   1.Full strength- Max damage 2.Full Dexterity- Max evade, lower damage  3.Full Int-Max demage   Backward's build- 2 str/1 dex (I use this build ) Demon Fighter type, can help you in hunting or leveling in groups, majin fighter has a great damage, ... more ▷

[Special] Special offer for paypal user

Posted by ritxaku at 2014-09-02 10:02:29

Likes we said in the title  We Have a Special offer for you guys :) For all of you who has a paypal account, when you donate using paypal We will give you bonus 20% PP This event si Limited Edition, you can get that bonus from today until 9/9/2014  So Lets Login Now And Donate In this game :)   Have Fun And Happy Gaming ~   ... more ▷

IMPORTANT: Please change your password. ASAP

Posted by admin at 2014-09-01 13:07:14

ENGLISH To protect your account, please change your password as soon as possible to avoid ID theft and do change your password periodically.  Because we identify an activity that tries to enter our database. And before it's too late please immediately change your password.   Go to website >> Member tab >> Password change     INDONESIA Untuk melindungi akun Anda, silahkan ubah password Anda secepat mungkin untuk menghindari dari pencurian ID anda dan lakukan perubahan password secara berkala.  Karena kami mengindentifikasi sebuah kegiatan yang mencoba memasuki database kami. Dan sebelum terlambat mohon segera ubah password Anda.    Regards IDGAMER  ... more ▷

Donation by Mobilepay Guide

Posted by admin at 2014-08-31 16:30:45

Dear D'Lunatic i will teach you how to donate using mobile payment, i hope it's can help you to buy some items in Decade Luna Plus mall. Oke first time you need login to your user panel in Decade luna plus website.  Next, Go to Donation Tab On the bottom of donation page you can see mobilepay + , Click that and you will direct to payment page (pop up). Select your donation amount and then click continue. Choose an operator of your mobile phone provider. Write a SMS and follow instruction on payment page.   Example : CENT2 PW to 9887.   Wait reply a PIN from paymentwall to your mobile phone.  If you recieve the PIN, please write PIN into box. and click continue. If donation complete, please chat our staff  to verification your donation.   If you have problems about donation maybe you can send some question to our forum .  I hope it will helpful thanks you. Regards IGN  ... more ▷

Decade Luna Plus Back Online

Posted by admin at 2014-08-20 16:46:36

Dear D'lunatic  Our Maintenance is over and today our game is finally UP again, Yeeyyy XD For all of you, you need to download our Manual Patch 20140820 Our Update is : 1. Pvp Map 2. Pet Evolutions 3. New Vehicle 4. Upgrade our Servers For all of you who's new in this game, you need to download our main client and our last patch : Manual Patch 20140820 Sorry if we late to update our games because of the long maintenance   Have fun and Happy Gaming   NOTE: If you find some error or bugs please report go to forum       Reagrds IGN  ... more ▷

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