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Long Maintenance

Posted by ritxaku at 2014-08-11 17:45:17

  Dear D'Lunatic, we will doing long maintenance to update our client  this is what we're working right now :  1. PVP Map 2. Pet Evolution 3. Fixing Server System 4. Checking about the compensation to give you the items :) 5. Give 2 kind of TOA This Maintenance will take within 7 days  Thanks for your attentions and Have Fun With your Real Life :)  ... more ▷

Maintenance August 09, 2014

Posted by admin at 2014-08-09 12:42:55

Dear D'Lunatic, Decade luna plus will do maintenance to fix some bugs and add new item in games. Maintenance August 9th,2014 Fix bugs : - Skill rapidfire - Enchant  New : - Booth at Alker harbor - Azazel tears RevA (7D) - Sp+50 - Sp+100 - Super philo STR , INT , DEX , P.attack , M.attack , Critical change, Evasion , Strike - Max level 199 You need download manual patch 20140809 on patch tab. This update need Manual patch 20140727 so if you don't have this patch you must download it first. If you has been downlaod all manual patch. you must extract your patch to other folder than copy all files into decade luna plus folder. Warning:  1. Copy Manual patch 20140727 first then 2. Copy Manual patch 20140809  3. Have fun :)   External Link patch mirror via mediafire Manual patch  Manual patch 20140727 Manual patch  Manual patch 20140809   Regards IGN  ... more ▷

[Reason] Servers Go Down

Posted by ritxaku at 2014-08-03 15:03:51

We’ve got a new information from Host Server.  That our servers get shutdown.  So that’s why we can’t access our server right now.  Even we using Our Remote to Online The Servers The Host Server should do it because there’s some people try to DDOS our servers. We’re here to apologizing because of this uncomfortable information because its beyond of our reach Thanks and Please Cooperative   Regards IGN    ... more ▷

Decade Luna Plus Fishing Mania Event

Posted by admin at 2014-07-31 16:47:50

Hey D'lunatic, after the 1st event we will give you another event, there’s a new event called Fishing Mania.  Yeaaa all of us will fishing to get the prize. And The Prize is in the Picture   How To Get The prize?? Its really really easy, I’ll give you the steps if you’re new in this game : 1.You just need to go to Alker Farm.  2.Buy the Fishring Rod and don’t forget the Bait too (Ex : Bamboo Fishing Rod, Beginner Worms Bait) 3.Open your skill list or Press [S] > Choose The Action Bar > Choose The Fishing Skill. 4.Click The Fishing Spot Like Peaceful Waters > Put the bait in the bait slot then click the Fish Slot to start Fishing 5.Happy Fishing Guys, You can AFK after you fishing, so you can get the prize event even you’re asleep too Note: If you don't have latest Patch please download Manual patch 20140727 Regards IGN  ... more ▷

Manual Update Patch 20140727

Posted by ritxaku at 2014-07-27 14:06:58

Dear D'Lunatic,  We Have a bad news, But This Bad News For A Good Purpose in the next time and make all of you more enjoying this game. Our Main Problem Is :  - Map Crashing - Server Disconnected - Roll Back That’s problem happen because of this : ... more ▷

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