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Decade "Sword Art Online" costumes release

Posted by admin at 2015-05-27 11:03:23

Dear D'lunatic Good news for you guys, who love Sword Art Online series? right now this costumes available on Decade Luna plus. So you can to be Kirito (Male) or Asuna (Female). But this costumes only available on special donation, so you will get Sword Art online costume permanent only on donation event because we won't release permanent type on item mall but don't worry if you want to wear SAO Costumes you can buy 7 Days or 30 Days type on Item mall. We release SAO costume for all class: - SAO Fire for Fighter class - SAO Water for Mage class - SAO Wind for Rogue class - SAO Earth for Majin class - SAO Smoke for Majin class If you use new glasses you will get extra stat and skills. So who buy this costume on Special donation event will get Free new glasses (7D). More detail see on screenshot below: Donation Event begin: May 28th until June 10th, 2015 So dont miss it.  If you want to order this ... more ▷

Decade Luna plus May Donation

Posted by admin at 2015-04-26 11:22:25

Dear D'lunatic Decade Luna plus online have good news about special donation on May, so we will give you extra bonus if you do the donation on April 27th - May 9th, So don't miss it.    1. Donation $10 -110 PP - Free Pet Guard   2. Donation $25 - 260 PP - Free Pet Guard - 2pcs Grow Up Pills   3. Donation $50 - 560 PP - Free Pet Guard - 5pcs Grow Up Pills - 1pcs Decade Enchant +15  And Special Offer for you : 4. Donation $150 Armor Set Lv. 155 Max Craft (+70)  - Free Philo 1 part Eva 60 - Free Pet Guard - 2pcs Decade Enchant +15    How to Donate ?? Special Donation available via Bank (indo Only) , Paypal and Western Union. Select one of the ways donation method then send email to [email protected]   Format: Subject : Special donation April Amount : $150 Methode : Bank/Paypal/Western Union Real Name : ........ ID (account): ........ IGN (Nick) : ........... Attach : Photo/proof of your Donation We will verify then process your donation.   NOTE : For Wester Union Donation You must send the donation to our Bank Account. Name: Jeffry Yohanes Francisco Bank : Mandiri, Branch : UGM, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Account Number: 9000020970472   If you have any question you can contact me via email or BBM :7F94C35A     Regards Decade Staff ... more ▷

Decade Luna plus online V.02 On Test Mode

Posted by admin at 2015-04-25 12:35:58

Dear D'lunatic We are running on testing mode new installer. we try to fix damage balancing, vending, open nera farm region, unlimited stealth, unlimited HB, etc For join on testing mode you need follow installation guide Here   Regards HERO  ... more ▷

Important : Please Read

Posted by admin at 2015-04-06 16:45:09

Dear D'lunatic Many players ask , why my character got ban ? I will telling you why we banned many ID /Character. The answer is breaking the rules . It is not about racism race, nations, etc We only want to make this game safe from cheating and bug exploitation. We not said the cheater from country A or country B, we don't care from where do you come from. Anyone who wants to spoil my game I never forgive them. For example:  If you are donor, you spend your money to help this server stay alive and you want to be strong. but in another case you know other player do not donor but they stronger than you, because they used cheat ways or exploit many bugs from this game, are you happy ? We found many ID had items ilegal on their rein status (-). Why Rein (-) Minus is ilegal ? because you can kill every thing only one hit.       So if you find unnormal items or many bug please report to us and don't exploit it.     Regards Decade  ... more ▷

Happy Easter Event Decade Luna Plus Online

Posted by admin at 2015-04-05 12:11:24

Dear D'lunatic, Happy easter for you all who celebrate. At this moment we will give you special "Hide and seek event" for you tonight. So please don't miss this event. Login in the game now wait until game begin.   Event start on 9:00 Pm GMT+7   I hope you lucky tonight.   Regards Decade   ... more ▷

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