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Manual Update Patch 20140727

Posted by ritxaku at 2014-07-27 14:06:58

Dear D'Lunatic,  We Have a bad news, But This Bad News For A Good Purpose in the next time and make all of you more enjoying this game. Our Main Problem Is :  - Map Crashing - Server Disconnected - Roll Back That’s problem happen because of this : ... more ▷

Decade Luna Plus New Map

Posted by admin at 2014-07-17 07:28:01

Dear Lunatic, I'm sorry for down time, we are preparing to add new map level 150+ into Decade Luna Plus. Please be patient and wait new maps in Decade Luna until done. We are need more time to setup, synchronize and test new map to run normally, and if this map already release, you will get new update to play with this new map. The maps will change is Haunted mine F1 and F2 to be new map. Next, we need your feedback about new map, please report all bug, error, crash,  etc please report all go to Decade Luna Forum . Thanks you Regards IGN ... more ▷

Manual Patch 20140714 (Quick Change Job)

Posted by admin at 2014-07-14 15:48:22

Hi.. D'Lunatic, Who want Quick change job ?? for right now Quick change job is available At Decade Luna Plus, you need download new manual patch 20140714 . Extract Files and then copy files (Data) to Decade luna Plus online ~> Overwrite ~> Run Launcher and then have fun play decade luna plus :)   Regards IGN  ... more ▷

Manual update 20140711 Available

Posted by admin at 2014-07-11 15:47:44

Hi... D'Lunatic, i'm sorry for long maintenance, we have been release new manual patch 20140711 you can download manual patch on website.    You must extract manual patch to your Decade Luna Plus folder if you confuse about it, you can watch installation guide video.  Manual Update 20140711 1. Map crash (server side) 2. Fishing 3. Farming  4. Skills  NOTE: If you find bugs, error or something else please report go to forum   Lets play Decade luna :) Regards IGN  ... more ▷

Video Guide How to Install Decade Luna Plus

Posted by admin at 2014-07-03 10:38:48

Hi.. D'Lunatic, We will show you how to install Decade Luna Plus Private Server. Please follow steps on this video Guide. We hope this video can help you to install Decade luna plus, Thanks You  ... more ▷

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